Fuel Tanks

Fast-Convenient-Lifetime Warranty

We are the only full-service fuel tank restoration and repair facility in upstate New York  From over the road trucks to antique vehicles we can repair and restore your tank. Our GasTank Renu® process starts with a thorough cleaning to identify leaks and problems.  Repairs are made.  Internal and external coating are applied and baked.  A lifetime warranty against leaks is given for passenger cars.  Commercial vehicles get a 2-year warranty.

We repair all types of tanks, both steel, and aluminum.  All repaired tanks are pressure tested to ensure no leaks.  For non-repairable tanks, new U.S. Made aluminum tanks are available for many applications.

Gas Tank Renu eliminates rust and corrosion. Tanks are blasted back to bare metal, repaired, and coated. The process is applicable to oil pans and other parts subject to rust and corrosion.

Old, Antique and hard to find tanks.
Tank before the Renu process.
Tank after the Renu process.
Tank before the Renu process.
Complete restoration, including Gas Tank Renu

Tank Fittings

New U.S. Made Aluminum International Step Tank
Aluminum Tank Repair