About Us


Empire Radiator Service – Tubes N’ Hoses® – BrakeQuip is more than a radiator shop. In addition to providing automotive, truck and industrial, and custom radiators and heat exchangers, we are a Tubes N’ Hoses® dealer. With our patented equipment we can make just about any tube or hose, metric or American. This equipment provides the most complete tube and hose fabrication center available. We specialize in bending and forming metal tubing from 3/16″ to 11/4″. If you have a need for hydraulic, air conditioning, or other lines of any type call us. With our BrakeQuip equipment, we custom make all types of hydraulic brake lines, including stainless steel, braided. We are DOT registered and all brake lines meet DOT specifications. Custom, fabrication is available for cars, trucks, buses, farms, industrial, marine, mining, construction, chemical, manufacturing, instrumentation, sports vehicles, and more. If you have a hard-to-find line, or need something quickly, call us. Most lines can be made on the same day.


Our main focus is heat exchangers. We custom build and repair copper/brass and aluminum units. New completes are available for many applications. See our brochure for more information and examples.

  • Radiators – Copper/Brass and aluminum custom builds, repairs, recores, and new completes. Copper/Brass radiator restoration.
  • Oil Coolers – Tube and fin, tube and bundle, bar and plate repairs, recores, and new completes.
  • Charge Air Coolers – Air to air, air to water repairs, recores, custom builds, new completes, cleaning and testing.
  • Fuel Tanks – Aluminum and steel repairs, boil out and sealing, new U.S. made aluminum tanks.
  • Diesel Particulate Filters – Controlled burn baking, dual forced air suction cleaning.
  • EGR – Exhaust gas recirculation unit cleaning.
  • Hydraulic Lines – Hoses and steel lines up to 1.25 inch diameter made to your specifications.
  • Brake Lines – Rubber and stainless braided DOT specification lines for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s and other applications.
  • Welding – Aluminum and steel


  • AC – Condenser and evaporator repairs and new completes.
  • Other Services – High pressure cleaning, caustic boil out, aluminum acid cleaning, degreasing, sand blasting, brazing, lead free soldering, plasma cutting,
  • In House Machine Work – Lathe, mill, press brake, roller notchers, and sheers.


Reverse Engineering:

  • In-house mechanical design engineers analyze O.E. units and design replacement units which incorporate product improvements
  • Obsolete or Discontinued products can be reverse engineered using a sample unit
  • In-House Heat Transfer Design
  • Fully Equipped machine shop including lathes, bridgeports, Mazak CNC Lathe, and 3 Haas machining centers which allow us to build our own tooling, dies, and any part needed for production
  • Fully Equipped stamping shop including 400-ton press which allows us to stamp any part needed for production runs
  • Fully Equipped Fabrications shop including 2 laser cutting machines, 2 CNC punch machines, 2 CNC press brakes which allows us to fabricate individual parts needed for custom orders or volume runs of parts needed for production
  • Active operates 3 Cab Brazing Furnaces which we use to manufacture all of our aluminum products