Diesel Particulate Filter & EGR Cleaning and Recoring

We have been cleaning diesel particulate filters for several years. We bake them at over 1000 F to convert soot to ash. This is followed by dual forced air focused on each cell ensuring your DPF is properly cleaned. . It is not an automated system.. After the process we get flow rates up to 98% of new as reported by our customers. Our baking, with controlled burn, is safe for your DPF. What can be done when a DPF can’t be cleaned or is damaged? One option is to recore your unit. We have joined the Recore Centers team recoring diesel particulate filters for over-the-road trucks and off-road equipment. Using a patent pending process and machinery a new core is installed in your shell.

Cores are from Diesel Emissions Technology (DET). Damaged bungs and fittings are replaced. We save time and money by providing same-day service in most cases.

Plugged EGR’s adversely affect performance. We clean them to restore flow using a variety of techniques.

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This game changing program, exclusively from Diesel Emission Technologies, will change the way industry replaces and services their after-treatment technologies.