Charge Air Coolers

If your truck or other vehicle is turbo charged and has a charge air cooler, you should read this. As pressure is increased by the turbo, air temperature can exceed 350 F. The charge air cooler brings that down to 118 F. This means more horsepower and reduced fuel consumption. Other benefits include: reduced peak cylinder temperatures. The result is increased longevity for pistons, exhaust valves, and turbochargers. Cooler charge air also reduces oxides of nitrogen in diesel exhaust. Symptoms of leakage include increased emissions, loss of power, reduced fuel economy, exhaust manifold failure and excessive engine wear. If you experience any of these symptoms a test of your charge air cooler is recommended. Any charge air cooler over 3 years old should be leak tested yearly.

When sending a radiator to Empire Radiator Service send us the charge air cooler too. We’ll pressure decay test it against manufacturers’ specifications and recommend appropriate action. New completes and recores are available. We are the only shop in Rochester doing on site charge air cooler recoring. We us Active Heavy Duty Cooling cores featuring heavy duty extruded aluminum tubes.

They feature:

  • 100% Leak Free means all the air from the turbo gets to the engine delivering full power Original equipment specifications allow a small percentage of leakage
  • reduced fuel consumption
  • improved emissions
  • Louvered and non-louvered fins are available.

We offer cleaning, repairing, recoring and new complete charge air coolers.